5 Most Common Senior Living Misconceptions

Get The Facts!

Over the years, you may have thought that senior living communities are nursing homes for seniors who need high levels of care. It’s a common misconception, and you’re not alone in your thinking. But now, as you’re actively considering a community for yourself or a loved one, several senior living myths might be keeping you from making the right decision for the future. Here we’ll give you the facts as we bust out the 5 most common senior living misconceptions and provide you with clear information.

MYTH #1: Senior living communities are only for seniors who need high levels of care.

TRUTH: Senior living communities have changed from decades ago—and so have society’s ideas about aging.

Seniors today are choosing community living more for the lifestyle than the need for care. There’s no “right age” to make the move anymore. More often than not, today’s seniors transition to senior living to get away from home maintenance, lawn care, cooking, and cleaning. Additionally, they choose to right-size and free-up time for activities, personal hobbies, and socialization.

At Dallas Retirement Village, you’ll find neighbors and friends with diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds who come from all over the country. They’re energetic, fun-loving, reserved, intelligent, creative, and well-rounded. This diversity makes the community a wonderful, close-knit place to live. Resident testimonials on the lifestyle page of our website will give you some idea of what our friendly, outgoing residents are like.

MYTH #2:  I’ll be lonely and isolated.

TRUTH: The majority of today’s independent living communities are very resident-centered.

You have access to as much privacy as you like, yet there’s the option for socialization. Residents have variety and choice in a number of planned activities, programs, and amenities in shared living spaces. These fun activities give you a chance to spend time with other residents, enjoy their company, and get out and about.

Set among vineyards and the rolling hills of Willamette Valley, Dallas Retirement Village offers a small-town charm—warm and welcoming. Here, you can live more with fewer limitations and continue to grow in your senior years. Plus, you’ll expand your personal definition of retirement living and what your ideal lifestyle looks like. In fact, we give you all the resources to do just that.

A lifestyle free of home maintenance and upkeep gives you more time to enjoy many inspiring and fun activities—all resident-centered and focused on your overall well-being. Our Activities Calendar will give you an idea of the planned options available to you now, and the community’s exciting Phase 2 expansion will bring even more amenities and opportunities, such as an indoor pool, expanded spa, fitness center, and rooftop patio.

MYTH #3:  My apartment will be too small.

TRUTH: There are advantages to downsizing into a smaller living space!

If you’re moving from a large family house, your residence will likely be less square footage. But less space brings less limits! The truth is, a smaller rightsized home could be a benefit to your changing lifestyle—especially if you’re beginning to have mobility issues. Smaller space. Fewer steps. No stairs. Easier to get around. And after all, your home life these days probably happens in just the kitchen, living room, and bedroom—all on the main floor. You might feel safer and more secure in a smaller home.

In addition, many older adults these days are realizing they don’t need or want all the stuff they’ve accumulated. Getting rid of what you’re not using allows you to live more simply. Perhaps, you can even utilize the space you’ve gained for something new and more desirable for the way you live today. We offer a few helpful tips for how to get started with rightsizing your home for a more rewarding retirement lifestyle.

If you are considering a move to a senior living community, Phase 2 of the Lodge Residences at Dallas Retirement Village is opening in late summer of 2021. See how we’re making room for more living at Dallas Retirement Village. After a review of the Phase 2 floor plans, you’ll realize moving to a senior living community doesn’t mean you have to give away all of your items. Truly, we have a variety of apartment floor plans that will meet your needs—everything from 433 square feet to 2076 square feet and everything in between.

MYTH #4:  The food will be unappetizing. I won’t be able to eat on my own schedule.

TRUTH: Food and nutrition are on YOUR schedule!

In today’s communities, health and wellness are central to the lifestyle, and nutrition plays a very important role. Dallas Retirement Village offers residents a variety of dining venues with different menus, prepared by different chefs. In addition, ever-changing menus filled with nutritional meals give residents options that fit every lifestyle and dietary need.

At Dallas Retirement Village, the Timber Grille and the Red House Bistro satisfy everyone’s palate, from a made-to-order sandwich to a fresh seafood dinner. The Central Blend coffee bar is a popular gathering place for morning coffee and fresh pastries. Menus are ever-changing and created specifically for the preferences of the residents. Further, the executive chef and his team take special care to incorporate fresh, locally grown produce and wine selections from Willamette Valley into their menus.

Flexibility in dining and food is important to residents who want dining to fit into their daily lives. Dining credits can be used for:

  • meals served in any of the various dining venues
  • carryout meals
  • delivery
  • snacks
  • refreshment
  • special party catering needs
  • grocery items from the Central Blend Marketplace and Sweet Retreat snack venues

MYTH #5:  Senior living communities are more expensive than living at home.

TRUTH: Actually, the cost of senior living is often comparable to or less than the same services and support you are used to in your home.

First of all, the cost of your senior living residence commonly depends upon the floor plan you choose, its location within the community, and the number of people living in that residence. So, typically there is a wide range of affordability.

Consider, for a moment, what you are giving up and what you will be gaining. Even if you no longer have a mortgage, homeownership is costly. You have insurance, taxes, upkeep and repairs, utilities, gym memberships, dining, activities and entertainment, emergency expenses, and, potentially, housekeeping services and lawn care.

At Dallas Retirement Village, one rate covers all these residence expenses, along with the security of priority access to a continuum of onsite care—assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing care—if ever needed. Such a sensible, smart strategy for life’s what-ifs! As a resident, you can feel well-prepared for the future with predictable, streamlined costs, convenient services, exciting amenities, and the availability of onsite care. You can experience more time living with fewer limits and a greater sense of security.

We’d like to bust a few more senior living myths . . .

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