Volunteer Opportunities

Our Volunteer Program Needs You!

It’s your skills, your talents, your knowledge, and most of all, your time that helps us provide a wide variety of activities for residents.

Take these steps to begin our application process:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application here.
  • Schedule an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Clardy at 503-623-1757.
  • At the interview Stephanie will discuss your application with you and explain how to schedule your required background check. She will also give you our Volunteer Handbook to read and an Interest and Experience Checklist to fill out.
  • After passing your background check, meet with Stephanie again to discuss the topics in the Volunteer Handbook and the Federal Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). You must sign a Confidentiality Agreement among other eligibility statements.
  • Based on our needs and your interests and experience, we can then find the best volunteer position for you!
  • Current volunteers, please log your hours here.

Whether it’s once a month or an hour a day, we will be blessed by your interest in serving residents.

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