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Dallas Retirement Foundation was established to foster philanthropic giving in support of our caring Christian Mission to serve the needs of area seniors. Our mission: to serve the community by actively supporting the work of the Dallas Retirement Village.
Our distinguished Foundation Board of Directors
  • Mike Ainsworth, Chair
  • Susan Morrill, Vice Chair
  • Jim Wall, Vice Chair
  • Carolyn Wall, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ben Bauman, Director
  • Joyce Matteson, Director
  • Lavonne Wilson, Director
  • Cari Richey, Director/Resident Council
  • David Fletcher, Director/Resident Council
Our active Foundation Resident Council
  • Clarice Fowler
  • Mina Krell
  • David Small
  • Cari Richey
  • Dorothy (Dot) Nichols
  • Rita Shaefer
  • Del Warren
  • David Fletcher
  • Geri Anderson

Start your Dallas Retirement legacy today.

There are many ways to support current and future needs of residents, campus and community; all while providing an opportunity for you to achieve your philanthropic goals and provide tax savings to you, your estate and your beneficiaries. Donations can be made by cash, check or credit card. We welcome your creative ways to give; you may wish to create a matching gift, join our legacy society or honor a loved one through a memorial gift.  We look forward to assisting you and thank you for your generosity.

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