Dallas Retirement Village Helps Seniors Build Healthier Habits and Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes in 2023 … and Beyond

For many older adults, New Year’s health and wellness resolutions are much easier to make than they are to stick to—despite our good intentions. Some may not know how to reach or maintain their resolutions, while others lack an ongoing support system to help them stay motivated and accountable. It’s usually about a month into the new year before the resolve fades, and they’ve settled back into old patterns and behaviors.

But for Dallas Retirement Community residents, goals for healthier minds, bodies, and spirits aren’t only achievable; they’re woven into every aspect of daily living. Our senior living community supports and enhances an active lifestyle centered on Eight Dimensions of Wellness: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, environmental, and supportive living.

Life Enrichment Through the Wonders of Wellness

Our whole-body approach to senior health and wellness helps residents reach their resolutions and keeps them connected to what matters most in their ongoing pursuit of a fulfilling retirement. Whether their goal is to eat healthier, start a fitness routine, explore new hobbies, or spend more time with family and friends, residents are surrounded with enjoyable opportunities to make lasting lifestyle changes.

In addition to 70 wellness classes, Dallas Retirement Village offers an average of 250 monthly events, clubs, outings, and activities. All plans align with various dimensions of wellness to give residents a holistic experience.

“Taking a multidimensional approach to programming is the best way to ensure residents and staff get the most out of every activity or event. For example, a simple group fitness class touches on both the physical and social dimensions,” said Francy Stoyer, Dallas Retirement Village’s new wellness director. Stoyer hopes to expand the program’s reach by collaborating with life enrichment and human resources team members.

Resolutions for Staying Healthy in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Since resolutions are unique to each resident, the first step is to find out the ‘why’ behind a goal and determine what will motivate residents to take action. “By working as a team, asking questions, and thinking outside the box, we can find the right avenues to reach goals,” Stoyer said. “We keep in mind what’s available now, what we should consider for the future, what our community and town can provide, and how to get residents connected to what they need to achieve and maintain their resolutions.”

Here’s a look at how common resolutions blend seamlessly into everyday life at Dallas Retirement Village and ways our community nurtures dimensions of whole-body wellness to keep residents active and thriving.

Engage in more physical activity. Fortunately, you don’t have to work until you’re soaked in sweat to reap the benefits of exercise. Daily access to a swimming pool, fitness center with specially designed equipment for seniors, walking trails and treadmills, and classes ranging from line dancing and hula hooping to balancing and water volleyball helps residents achieve their fitness goals and have a blast at the same time. In addition to the mood-boosting, stress-reducing, and tension-relieving benefits of physical activity, it also helps improve cardiovascular health for National Heart Health Month in February and throughout the year.

Practice mindful eating. Thanks to Dallas Retirement Village’s location and easy access to nature’s local bounty and fresh seafood, home-cooked recipes and healthy choices are front and center on our ever-changing menu. The culinary team’s focus on farm-to-table seasonal dining means fewer processed products.

Residents enjoy fresh leafy vegetables, valley-grown fruits and locally produced meats in their choice of lively and inviting dining venues. Whether it’s an early morning berry pastry at the Central Blend coffee bar, classic Waldorf salad at Red House Bistro or pomegranate-glazed salmon at Timber Grille, there’s no shortage of ways residents can satisfy their palate.

Connect with friends and family. Maintaining old friendships and relationships and forging new ones are important to wellness. And with time-consuming chores and home maintenance taken care of, residents can combat social isolation and loneliness by spending time with neighbors who quickly become friends.

A robust and ever-changing activities calendar helps residents build a buddy system and social connections to keep them motivated and accountable. Community amenities also make it easy for residents to visit with loved ones, whether attending church service, celebrating a special occasion, spending a quiet afternoon playing cards, or bonding over laughs and family memories.

Deepen your beliefs. Many residents find personal strength and meaning through spirituality. Being guided by personal values and connecting to a larger world can play a powerful role in overall well-being. Residents nurture their spiritual wellness through Bible study and prayer meetings, attending church service, participating in faith-based activities, taking part in meditation, personal reflection and journaling, and doing mindful exercises like yoga and tai chi.

Travel and experience more. Located in the heart of Willamette Valley, Dallas Retirement Village is just 15 miles west of Salem and 45 miles from the Oregon coast. Whether taking a scenic drive along the coast, paying a visit to Spring Mountain Casino, catching a show at Pentacle Theater sampling wines at Benedetto Vineyards, or strolling through Polk County Museum, our residents don’t have to travel far to turn their wellness wishes into reality.

Learn a skill or hobby. Exploring new things nurtures wellness by stimulating the brain.

Residents keep their minds sharp by tapping into their creative side with arts and crafts, joining a book club, challenging themselves with games and puzzles, attending trivia night, studying a new language, or trying their hand at group card games.

Be more balanced and less stressed. By taking care of home maintenance, meal planning, cooking and cleaning responsibilities, and helping them declutter and balance their lives, our residents enjoy a lightened stress load, heightened emotional wellness, and more time for new connections and experiences.

Spend more time outside and in nature. Not only is Dallas a walkable town, but the community’s beautiful campus also provides plenty of room to roam. Residents can flex their green thumbs in community garden plots, stroll walking paths, keep their eyes peeled (and binoculars handy) with The Village Birders, and discover wildlife habitats. Residents in our supportive living neighborhoods are digging into two new Eldergrow gardens, bringing nature inside 12 months a year!

Dallas City Park’s wooded walking trails, creek, Delbert Hunter Arboretum and Botanical Garden are just across the street. And a few minutes outside of town is Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge, where visitors can observe wildlife, hike trails, and participate in environmental education offerings.

Give back to others. Many residents share their skills, interests, and talents through volunteering or mentoring. Making a difference in the lives of others also enriches their lives by promoting a sense of purpose, reducing stress and the risk of depression, developing new relationships, fostering socialization, and supporting longevity.

Make Lasting Wellness Changes at Dallas Retirement Village

Establishing new behaviors and patterns takes time and consistent effort. Whether choosing a healthier meal, exercising, or attending an educational presentation, older adults must be open to minor changes and learn new information over time. Focusing on specific and manageable actions makes New Year’s resolutions much more achievable and enjoyable.

“Seniors today know that living a quality life is worth its weight in gold. To achieve quality, we must put in a little work, taking small steps. I’ll ask residents, ‘How can we do just one thing today that will move us toward our goal?’” Stoyer said. “It’s not one magic potion or program that works for everyone. It’s the choice to make a change and surround yourself with a great support team of friends, family, and staff.”

Explore Dallas Retirement Village’s events calendar and retirement lifestyle to learn more about our whole-body approach to wellness and independent living.

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