Top 10 Summer Senior Activities at Dallas Retirement Village

Dallas Retirement Village believes that a body in motion- stays in motion. Offering a large variety of activities is key to an exciting, fulfilling retirement and a healthy lifestyle. What better time than the golden season to revel in the abundance of outdoor activities? Dallas Retirement Village gives residents the opportunity to take in some fresh air, soak up a little sunshine and socialize with a variety of fun, seasonal activities – a little something for everyone!

1.Trip to Malheur Field Station

Go BIG, don’t go home!! Dallas Retirement Village took residents out for a trip to Malheur Station! This 4-day adventure was planned by residents personally connected to Field Station. This trip consisted of hiking, watching wildlife, and roughing it in dorm style accommodations. Incorporating resident requests, utilizing their knowledge, connections and outgoing personalities puts adventure in every outing.

2. Bird Walk/Watches

A FIVE-star outing – every time! Discover the world of birds around the Dallas Retirement Village campus and its greater community. Resident Jim Scott, the host of the bird walks and watches, assists fellow residents in the art of bird watching. It’s a relaxing and enriching activity that everyone can enjoy. Discover a variety of bird species, learn fascinating facts, all while enjoying the beauty of nature- the great outdoors! More than 80 different bird species have been discovered on the Dallas Retirement Village campus – see the list here at eBird.

3. Salsa Contest

Who doesn’t like Salsa? Who doesn’t like to do the Salsa (dance)? In July Dallas Retirement Village hosted a “Salsa You Eat Contest”! Residents and staff could make their favorite homemade salsa, and by popular vote, be honored with the title Salsa King/Queen! To keep the event spicy, Salsa dance lessons were provided by local dance instructor Lora Michele, and residents indulged in a taco and nacho buffet to finish out the evening.

4. Stories by the Fire

Enjoy tranquil evenings surrounded by friends sitting by the mesmerizing courtyard fire fountain and listen to captivating stories told by Dallas Retirement Village residents. Are they fact? Are they fiction? Perhaps the lure is the uncertainty. But certainly, part of the enjoyment is the reminiscent feel of a good old family campfire story time with family and friends.

5. July 4th Fireworks Show

The one, the only… Dallas Retirement Village fireworks show! Originating in 2020, the intent was to bring a little extra joy to the residents amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. It turns out lighting up the night sky made more than the residents happy – staff, community neighbors and business partners enjoyed it too! Now it’s an annual celebration and the show gets bigger and better each year! Residents can pull up a chair and invite their friends and family to join them on the beautiful 30-acre campus for an up close and VIBRANT experience.

6. Rockaway Big Tree Boardwalk

Dallas Retirement Village Residents enjoy going off the beaten path at Rockaway Beach. On this trail, onlookers can find an ancient Western Red Cedar believed to be 800-1200 years old and 154 feet tall! With a spoon rating of 1 (level, paved, 0-2 miles, very easy trailhead access, and probably wheelchair accessible), the boardwalk portion of the trail offers complete ease of use for the senior population who use the assistance of wheelchairs, mobility equipment, or walkers.

7. Farmstand

Maranatha Farms, whose mission is to help families affected by Alzheimer’s, provides a country outdoor place for guests to visit and share their family heritage in a supportive atmosphere. Alzheimer’s patients can sit and watch the chickens- or gather eggs like they did as kids. Guests can also partake in duck hunting or enjoy bird watching. Maranatha Farm’s kindness is extended with a weekly visit each Friday to the Dallas Retirement Village campus, bearing a harvest of fresh flowers, berries, fruits and vegetables for both residents and staff to purchase and enjoy.

8. Annual Country “DRV” Fair

Annually, the staff, residents, and their friends and family can join Dallas Retirement Village for the Country Fair on the Dallas Retirement Village campus. Revel in carnival games, a car show, resident art show, a petting zoo, live music, dancing, delicious fair style food – even a watermelon eating contest! Residents execute a country dance demonstration, and a group of talented singers also perform for spectators. A day to roll up your sleeves and dig into all the fun.

9. Pendleton Round-Up

What better way to end the summer than with a 3-day trip to the Pendleton Round-Up in Pendleton, Oregon. The Pendleton Round-Up is an annual rodeo event, celebrating western culture that engulfs the entire town of Pendleton. Dallas Retirement Village provides transportation and has prearranged lodging for residents who chose to dust their boots off and dig out that old cowboy hat!

10. Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, September 16, 2023 in Salem

Lace up your walking shoes and join Dallas Retirement Village in taking a significant step towards a world without Alzheimer’s at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in Salem, Oregon. Walk to End Alzheimer’s is an annual event where communities across the nation unite and embark on a powerful journey to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. Let’s work together to end this debilitating disease- join the Dallas Retirement Village team for FREE and walk for an amazing cause. Don’t forget to stop by the Dallas Retirement Village’s sponsored station to capture a photo of you and your furry friend at our pet selfie booth and cool off with a refreshing dog pop or just a cool drink of water.

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